Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why can't we all be engineers?

In response to my over-analytical post on bike geometry, the indefatigable TMB linked me to a sexy German machine called the Liteville 301. Now I'm not sold on the geometry, weight or suspension design of this thing, but MAN do they know how to make a chart.

Check this out:

Let every bike manufacturer take a lesson from this piece of art. They followed all of the six commandments of part specs:
  • Thou shalt post detailed specifications of your part on the internet
  • Thou shalt make a diagram to show what your measurements actually mean
  • Thou shalt choose one, and only one system of measurement in your chart. (though it's ok to have two charts if you like)
  • Thou shalt identify the size fork your bike is designed around
  • Thou shalt identify the weights of your components
  • Thou shalt identify what the weights you post actually mean
and then added BONUS FEATURES to boot. First, weights with and without interchangeable parts (shock), awesome. Then a reference table for how the geometry changes with different forks so we don't have to do math, yes, Yes YES. 40 Pedal Points! (though BB drop is a useless measurement most of the time. I get that they do this because it doesn't change with tire size, but the doing math thing to get BB height doesn't sit well...)

Somebody in the industry send this around, please...

crying tears of joy,

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