Thursday, March 26, 2009

How the Other Half Lives

If there's anyone still reading after I geeked out about mountain bike tech for a week, today I bring this blog back to its roots. Some months ago Eric and I embarked on a journey to turn his spandex clad butt into the baddest, meanest, off-road podium junkie that ever lived. Though filing Eric's incisors has increased the effectiveness of his wily grin by orders of magnitude, there's still a lot of work to do--mainly on his bike... As there's a high likelihood that I'll be torturing him endlessly over the next 14-weeks, (sorry, man) it seems only fair that I walk a mile (or 25) in his remarkably uncomfortable looking shoes. Thus, (and you'd better sit down for this) I'm going to enter a road race this Saturday. In keeping with my streak of never having entered an official USCF road race, my foray into the world of skinny tires will be the Charge Pond Training Series for a dizzying number of laps around 1.36 miles of pavement in a pack of 60 dudes all sitting in for the sprint at the end. My Cat 4 road status will keep me from racing up with my intrepid partner in the A race, which has the advantage of leaving plausible deniability around any claims regarding the quality of my performance (Read: having your partner hand your butt to you on a platter along with 50 other guys would be a significant blow to my ego), and maybe give me some chance of not being last.

The Goal: Don't Pull a Lance.

Hopefully the roadies will keep their distance if I wear this (from Taipei Cycle show):

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