Monday, August 23, 2010

Leave it to the Spaniards...

...You catch them for massive organized doping campaigns and not long after they're making scientific proof that boozing is good for you. The result, a little recovery tip sent from a reader (yes, I have those...), that will tickle all you barfly MTBers:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the fray...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm goin' to Africa and I ain't got no pants

Some people might call it foolish to go wandering about foreign continents for a month with only two pairs of pants and a pair of shoes so worn out that they're alternately held together with duct tape and plastic bags (until time was made for permanent repairs). I, however, don't know those people. Nor, do I any longer have pants. Now, I know what you're thinking, 20-something guy goes to the city with "XXX" on the flag and it's no surprise that he can't keep his pants on. Well, it's totally not like that. The first pair was abducted by the hotel laundry. Then there's the other pair...

This weekend was the beginning of the Tall Ships event in Amsterdam. In keeping with the theme, the fab conference concluded with a boat building competition where a bunch of us concocted some contraptions and launched them in the canal. This was all well and good until the first person fell in and turned pirate, swamping every boat they could reach. Long story short, it's a wonder we didn't all contract the plague. We did however draw a huge crowd with our antics (easily 200 people):

Guess we're more fun than a bunch of stodgy old sailboats:

Back to Kenya a little bit freer...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Birth of the Cool

Continuing on the theme of how Amsterdam is a magical place, a little anecdote from last evening... Everyone knows that Amsterdam is something of a party city, what with its lax drug, alcohol and prostitution laws, vibrant night life and compact geography, but unlike most of the "cool" places I've been, the funk goes all the way to the top. Last night I wandered into my foofy conference hotel (the Lloyd Hotel, for those interested) at about 2am, and stepped into the elevator only to hear and elevator music version of Dr. Dre's "Bang Bang". That's right, these never forgot about Dre.
Another example of cool had to do with today's adventure, involving a homemade composite boat, a public dock and public transit. After drawing an amused crowd on the shoreline as we paddled around in the ocean with our cotton-fiber contraption, we proceeded to bring it onto the the train, whereupon the conductor started giving us a hard time (while trying hard not to laugh). We called his bluff and pushed back, asserting that it was lighter than a bike and not any bigger than the largest person that might get on, resulting not only in our admittance, but also his insistence that we didn't pay. Conclusion: Amsterdam rocks.

Possible mission for today: homemade hovercraft...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Only in the Netherlands

Can't find free Internet to save your life (I'm totally in an alley grafting off someone's wifi), but you can find stairs with a trough to roll your bike up and down. Dunno if that was deliberately engineered as such, but seems to be a popular feature nonetheless.

Oh and sorry about never finishing the New Mexico pics. Been busy :)