Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a guy will do to get high.

As you avid readers may remember, the whole reason I'm wandering around the country with the highest airborne fecal coliform counts in the world is to experiment with using low-cost wireless networks as a connectivity solution for providing internet infrastructure in Afghanistan. Over the last couple days we've been trying to make links with little success, so today we went to poach the highest spot we could in JBad--the top of the public hospital water tower--for 4om of ladder-access-only goodness. To be fair, we weren't really poaching the tower, since we had the Director's permission, but being a bunch of foreiners standing around on top of the highest point in JBad squacking away on 2-way radios, (which might be illegal here...) we certainly felt like we were poaching. Long story short, in addition to drawing a reasonably sized audience, including a couple of ANP officers, we made contact with the FabLab 2.4mi away (about where the smog blots everything out in the photo) before my laptop lost its composure and we called it a day. We may not be able to replace the 40yr old samples in the pathology lab,
but at least they'll soon have 21st century bandwidth.

All the photos from today here.

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