Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Fasting

What a day. I came down to NYC last night with my girlfriend, my sister and my niece. What was supposed to be a chilled out holiday of exploring the Big Apple, morning jogs through Central Park and over stuffing oneself with too much turkey followed by just one more piece of pumpkin pie has become an expedition through living Hell.

I had Pedialyte popsicles for dinner tonight. Shortly after I sent off last night's blog post, I found myself hunched over in the bathroom. At regular intervals of about 20 minutes for the next 12 hours I would be running to hold off soiling my shorts. It was ugly. My intestines were trying to crawl out through my mouth, my kidney's felt like they were being pummelled by a prize-fighter, and I probably tossed about a quart of bile. I'm pretty exhausted from the day's effort, not sure yet how this fits into the training plan. I probably won't be looking for another food poisoning-induced ab workout again anytime soon. Really, it felt like the touch of death.

The source of my food poisoning: We grabbed a few slices yesterday before leaving town - everyone else in the car had a piece of artichoke pizza, I was the only one who went for the spinach. Perhaps it is another E. coli breakout, perhaps it was just bad food prep. Anyway, it's a good thing Thanksgiving is all about the leftovers, perhaps tomorrow I can get my feast in.

Pedialyte is incredible stuff. Got me on my feet today when I was sure I was facing my doom. Dean Karnazes (a.k.a. Ultramarathon Man) is known to use Pedialite on his 300 miles runs. Perhaps this is something we should consider using in our races.


Unknown said...

the most reassuring thought is that whatever made it to your gut undoubtedly got there through fecal-oral transmission. :-D

Unknown said...

on the bright side, e. coli isn't the worst thing you can get from eating poop.

The Pedal said...

The 2006 E. coli breakout was due to cattle manure on the spinach, which may be slightly less gross than human contamination.

I'd take sickness over brainworms anyday. Thanks for the perspective Keith.

Unknown said...

Keith, did you see the RM thread on the brain worms? I actually have a dude in the hospital with it and offered some insights on the life cycle of the beast. It's gross.

RM: brain worms

Unknown said...

yes, though I hadn't seen the part you posted yet. It is truly disturbing.

The Pedal said...

Hey Yoshi, the things that's not clear from the lifecycle description is if the cysts that infelct the pig meat are large enough to be visible. Is this something that could actually be seen or can we go on eating our pork in peace?

Unknown said...

it looks like the cysts are grossly visible.

check out figures 140-onward. gross.