Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Foot in Front of the Other.

I promised myself no blogging today--have much to do--but my favorite off-road Rockstar sent me a link to the most incredible blog this morning and it is haunting me well into the afternoon. I'm not sure whether to thank her for the inspiration or scold her for being such a bad influence on my productivity, (Bad Rockstar, bad! Go to your room and grow bacteria until it's too dark to ride! [Rockstar does earth-science]) but I spent probably an hour devouring the woman's site and can't get enough, so share I will: Start Here.

As we move into the winter months I hope to find this woman's Endurance--that quality of pure emotional fortitude that challenges us to continue on in one direction or another for no reason other than because going on is progress and anything else is standing still. It applies to more than just racing, but to every moment of our daily lives. Endurance is about something deeper than climbing mountains in waist deep snow. It is about the drive to transcend the distractions that constantly bog us down on the path to our goals, careers and adventures, whether they be the warmth of a bivvy in the arctic winter or the glow of the television on a Wednesday afternoon. Endurance is about plotting a route through the wilderness of the future and following it to the end without fear of what might lay behind the next tree. It is about motion, about strength, and the determination to be greater than yourself. It will carry you through the seventh day of a race but, more importantly, it's what gets you there in the first place.

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