Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's official. I give up.

Yeah so it snowed. A lot. Two inches was cool. Four was nbd. Six got everyone else and I felt real tough being the only guy still on a bike, but after four stoms in a row and drifts up to two feet, the hiking boots have made their way out of the basement (I even bought some AT gear, but that's another story entirely...). By no means do I endorse cross-training. On the contrary, any form of travel or exercise that involves impact or weight bearing should be avoided at all cost, even if it means withdrawal from non-cyclist social groups or rolling around your office in your chair all day to stay off your feet. But these are special circumstances, and you KNOW how I feel about trainers...

Hold your breath, here is the first ever photo proof of a pedal and wrench character NOT on a bike. His face is hidden to protect his identity and corresponding reputation, but it is nonetheless abundantly clear that this guy is in the woods and not on a bike. What you can't tell from the photo is that he's crying softly to himself and asking every five minutes (between sobs) when the trails will be rideable again.

This poor soul is not alone. It's a safe bet that you're reading this from some sort of heinous stationary exercise torture device in between motivational reruns of the biggest loser (you already finished lost, survivor, and 24). Have no fear, however, I promise that you'll be riding bikes vicariously through the wrench again within the week, whether it be well advised or no... Until then, enjoy this tasty photo of some hiker's rear end:

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