Monday, November 23, 2009

"My bike is like a high maintenance girlfriend"

"Everything I buy her needs to be 'special' and there's always something wrong that she needs me to fix." ~Seth

There it is -- being into cycling is like having a high maintenance girlfriend. You spend all your money and time on her; you stop hanging out with anyone that doesn't like her; and despite her destructive influence on your life, breaking up with her sends you spiraling into a depression that makes you fat and melancholy. As you may have noticed, cycling and I have been forced to "have a little space" from each other lately. Following the metaphor, I've grown a little more normal in the waist (about 13lbs) and generally have been abusing my body to the tune of all-nighters and habitual coffee swilling for a couple of months, but like any breakup you get over it eventually and move on. Hence, I think it's time to start dating again: This weekend featured two rides for FUN , and there are definitely more on the horizon. With Captain Big-Wheel (pictured above) as wingman, it's time to go pimp some bitchin' singletrack again...

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