Sunday, July 5, 2009

BCBR Stage 7: Race ya fer Beeahs

In the spirit of today's stage, I'll be quick. Real quick. Stage 7 of BCBR was 30k long, had 1200m of vert... ...and started by shooting straight up a ski hill. We came out as hard as we could go, securing a solid position on the climb, and ended up in a lengthy party train on the singletrack descent where Eric soon blew a tire (sorry Panaracer, no more noTubes for you), allowing the whole train to pass while we tubed up. It was off to the races again after that, passing plenty of others with flats on the rest of the way down.

Unfortunately for us, there were more than a few people who really really wanted to get ot the beer tent ASAP, because despite our best efforts we came 22nd on the day and only picked up 5 minutes on our closest competitor, leaving us at 22nd overall in the GC.

and so to the beer...

Full week recap coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Well done fellas. It was good fun to read your updates and I look forward to the recap. Based on this video, and indeed your stories, I now understand why we should all live in BC:

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to mention: my recommendation is Schwalbe's Nobby Nic. (You liked the winter tire, you will like this one, or Racing Ralph's for shorter XC races)