Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh buffer, how I love the so...

Day two in [north] Vancouver. Eric is on the ground, but missing a box of luggage that includes his wheels and a number of other useful things. ETA on the wheels? Oh, about 26hours after it's supposed to... We hope. In the meantime we're getting very familiar with this page. Good thing we planned in a few days of buffer.

In the meantime, the bikes got sort-of built,

we checked out the local bike shops--one of which came complete with a coffee filled VW van--

and admired the stunning scenery (more to come):

Eric was floored by the steepness of the mountains riding up into the clouds on the outskirts of the city--mountains we'll be climbing in only a few days.

Tomorrow morning we hit the trails and try to get that preview...

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Anonymous said...

Granny gear territory :)