Friday, February 6, 2009

Philosophy of the Fells - The Gods

In seemingly random conversations, through exchange of histories, we are nearly as often lead astray as we are lead toward the light. In the constant murmur of crunching snow beneath the wheels, the Fells offer sublime wisdom of right action. While there is a place for powering through obstacles with a great stroke there is no simple rule for triumph over even the smallest bump. More often the snow-covered ruts of the trail catch the wheel and guide it astray. An attempt to power through such a parry brings one to deeper snow, leaving all motion behind. Far better to have a conversation with the road, responding… not gently… but intentionally and aware. It is no thing of weakness to come to a halt, tires mired in the powder, wheel off kilter, and by complete focus compel the earth to move as you ask. We must become Atlas himself.

I will not hesitate to paint too much a pantheon on it, for the great god of exaggeration brings understanding in one hand and takes away all confusion with the other. In this world, in this very place where we leave our foot prints and tread marks, live also the gods and the immortal deeds, their noble triumphs and sad defeats, the stories of yore and of those who yet speak with us. They may not drive thunderbolts out of the sky or ride on moonbeams or transmute water into wine, but they do have great strength. Sometimes it is a will that shapes the world, sometimes the ability to speak with machines or convince ancient rocks to share their stories, sometimes it is the power to give others the vision they see. Who among us will rise from the rank of mere mortal and take the throne with the gods? It is not a place of rest, for who more than they are known for unimaginable endurance and suffering. Perhaps in our competitions we may achieve such singularity of purpose that we can claim to have touched perfection, if only briefly.

Life is hard. In so many small ways. It is hard because we are ignorant of the meaning of things, the intentions of others, and most significantly, of the fundament of our being. I believe that if only I knew what I meant by “I”, much confusion and struggle would vanish. It is not easy to strike at the core of things, the hidden mysteries, but sometimes you find a trail that brings you close.