Monday, December 22, 2008

Free Desktop Background (mine)

Have you ever wondered how the tiny little influences of your daily surroundings shape you over the course of years? You change a teeny little bit every day until all of a sudden you look in the mirror to find yourself hairless and wearing a 2-piece, skin-tight, stretchy suit. Recoiling from the clown you've just seen wearing your face you then proceed to trip over three bicycles, a couple empty tubs of Cytomax, and your Cycle-Ops Fluid 2...

How do you think you got there--not just how you ended up on the floor draped across a few thousand bucks worth of human-powered conveyance and acessories, but how did you became who you are today? What were the nudges? How do we set ourselves up to be nudged in the direction we desire?

Courtesy of a long-awaited monitor upgrade, I was retouching my perennial desktop background this afternoon and realized that not only had I been staring at the same photo since I took it in 2004, but that the camera perspective is remarkably symbolic of how I view my life right now, and I have to wonder which came first, the photo or the perspective it describes so well.

If you care to find out how staring off the peak of Camel's Hump in Vermont will affect your future, click on the photo and take the 1680x1050 desktop for yourself.

More simpletech coming up tomorrow, and in a couple days more detail on something that will be nudging me away from cycling and halfway across the globe for a month or so.

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